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    9 Best Notetaking Apps for a Medical Resident

    Some people prefer to have all their notes on one app, hence the need for a "second brain". However, I have found that each app has its particular strengths and weaknesses, and I believe I can work better if I tailor my use of the app according to its capabilities. In this article, I talk about the 9 best notetaking apps that I have tried and that have helped me study in residency.

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    Back in Clinic

    As this is one of the last clinical rotations I will do before I return to the world of pathology, I take my sweet time when seeing patients. I take all the time I need, so much so that I receive compliments on how wonderful it is to have a doctor who carefully asks questions, gently examines, and simply listens. Patients say that I do well what I do. I courteously say thank you, a bit embarrassed by the trust placed in me. But in moments of silence, away from the busy humming of clinics, when I can actually hear myself think and cannot be charmed by the gratification of being front…

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    Towards a Successful CaRMS Match: Ten Tips for IMGs

    Note that my way is by no means the only way, but my suggestions include those recommended by friends and colleagues I have crossed paths with over the years. As for you, fellow traveler and bearer of the Rod of Asclepius, I look forward to seeing you on the other side. Best of luck on this adventure!

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    The Mask as the Great Divider

    The COVID-19 crisis is not likely to go away anytime soon, despite the denial of some that it exists, the insistence of others to get back to their normal lives, or the fatigue of most from taking precautions. There is then, obviously, a balance between cowering in fright and hiding at home versus stepping into the world to live life carefully, accounting for not just my rights and my health but that of the people around me. This acceptance of a new reality has made it not only easier to adapt to the present but also to prepare for the future.